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About one third of World population encounter unspecified stomach aces. Most of them are temporary in nature while a small number of people suffer continuously.

Typically less than 50% of the people seek for medical help. The Biohit patented GastroPanel is a simple blood test and the only one that actually reveals the condition of the mucous lining in the stomach.

The stomach problems can appear in multitude of forms from minor aces to swelling and all the way to repeated vomiting. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all and for this the simple blood test with GastroPanel is paramount. Depending on the test results doctor can give proper medication and fix the problem - or if needed direct the person to further testing.

The Biohit HealthCare's unique GastroPanel examinations diagnose diseases of the stomach and the risks associated with these diseases. These quick tests provide diagnosis of lactose intolerance and Helicobacter pylori infection, as well as fecal occult blood, a well-known marker for colorectal cancer. Instruments for analyzing the test results are also available in the product range. For details contact Biohit.

The new over-the-counter products can eliminate carcinogenic acetaldehyde thus reducing the risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.